Friday, 30 December 2011

this is my first attempt at blogging. Wanted to do something new for this new year... so thought of sharing my recipes.. My interest in cooking dates to time when i was in 2nd std and my mom had gone to  neighbour's  house and i felt like making tea.. So i climbed the kitchen slab and made tea on electric stove. My mom was annoyed at the mess i had made on slab and i almost burned the vessel.. but tea was good. Later when i was lil more old mom gave me task of making phulkas... i enjoyed those times. Me and mom would talk about all what happened in the day and thats how my interest in cooking became more firm. Then i started with making maggis and tea and coffee. Never had a formal training in cooking just learnt seeing my mom make it and i just add my touch to it. Cooking for me is a great stress buster.

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