Sunday, 1 January 2012

Suji ka halwa/ Shera

Easy to cook and very tasty. Makes a nice sweet dish for the unexpected guests at home. This halwa is also served as a prasad in many pujas that takes place in house... And as a kid and to this date i always take the opportunity to distribute the prasad so that i can eat a little prasad in between and also manage saving a bit of prasad for me devour later on.:-)  This was one of sweet dishes that requires minimum vessels and efforts and i frequently prepared in my hostel as well.. So hostelites this one is for u.. No extra vessel to clean and also minimum ingredient required. This is eaten in different combinations at different places. In north its puri halwa which makes a wonderful breakfast and in south its Upma and shera sold at the Cafes.. and also shera with kala chana which was served during Navratras... hmmmm stilll cannot forget the wonderful taste it had...

Ingredients Required
  • 1 cup of Suji... Be careful in selecting Suji.. Use the finest Suji Rava Available, if in doubt ask the person in store to give u Rava used in making halva.
  • 1 and half cup of sugar
  • few strands of safforn soaked in warm water
  • 2 cups of water to be boiled
  • cashew nuts and raisins fried in ghee
  • 2 teaspooms of ghee (melt it if possible)
  • a pinch of cardamom or elaichi
 Let the kadai be properly heated before Rava is put into it. Now saute it using a ladle till it light brown in color and a fragrant aroma is smelt. At this stage add ghee and saute it again till its nicely brown and u can smell a wonderful aroma of ghee and rava. Now add boiled water to this mixture and keep on adding the water till the mixture is properly cooked and also ensure that no lumps are formed. Now add sugar and mix it properly and added the safforn soaked it water to this ( This is optional). Lastly add elaichi powder to this and also the raisins and cashew nuts. Always make sure u add elaichi in the end as this will help retaining the aroma properly.